External Credit Rating

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Why Rating:

A good bank loan credit rating can entitle a company to attain following benefits pertaining to the credit limits availed from Banks:

  1. Better negotiation for Rate of Interest- With a good credit score, the company can negotiate a lower interest rate for the credit facilities. A low interest gives you the benefit of lower finance charges.
  2. Better chance for enhancement of limits as per business requirement- Company’s borrowing capacity is based on their income and credit score. With a good credit score, banks are willing to let the company borrow the required funds.
  3. Enables quicker processing of loans and enhancements- With good rating not only company’ s chances for enhancement increases also the process of disbursement becomes much easier and quick.
  4. Enhances visibility in the investment community- Investors often base part of their decision to buy bonds, or even the stock, on the credit rating of the company’s debt.

We advise the Corporates to get the optimum rating and assist them in optimum upgradation of their existing Credit Ratings as well.

Rating Agencies in India

  1. Brickwork Ratings India Private Limited
  2. CRISIL Limited
  3. Credit Analysis & Research Limited (CARE)
  4. FITCH Ratings India Private Limited
  5. ICRA Limited
  6. SME Rating Agency of India Limited